100 – All Eyes On The Best

Released: December 13th, 2017. Mixcloud link

This is my hundredth mix, and it’s a special one!

I started mixing about two and a half years ago, and in this time, wow, what a journey. I couldn’t possibly make a single mix of all the best tracks I played over the years, but I damn well tried. My first pass through selected 160 or so tracks that I absolutely had to include in this mix. That would have made up a 16 hour mix, so I had to do the impossible – I whittled down these 160 absolutely epic awesome amazing tracks down to something that I could reasonably record and upload here (and that I, or you, might actually be able to listen to). So here we are: 61 of the best tracks I played over the last 2 and a half years, all smoothly mixed into 6 hours of epic.

Do you like this mix? Is it something you’d like me to do more regularly? I could do the next one at 150, or at 200. Let me know your thoughts. And while you think about it, enjoy the more than 6 hours of great tunes!

Download link for the full set here. (right click and Save As…)

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