• 096 – Space Walk

    Released: November 15th, 2017. Mixcloud link This mix begins slooooow and gentle and nice and trippy and it envelops you and carries you gently and warmly to the nice places where the beats live, but they’re nice beats, they have melodies with them, they take care of you, and eventually they deposit you nice and fresh

  • 095 – Take A Long, Deep Breath

    Released: November 8th, 2017. Mixcloud link Recorded on Traktor. I’m in Switzerland and decided not to lug my XDJ-R1 with me. I’d forgotten how effortless it is to make a tight mix on Traktor! And yet it’s sort of less fun in some ways. Feels more sterile. There’s something about the tension of needing to keep

  • 094 – #metoo

    Released: October 25th, 2017. Mixcloud link I called this mix #metoo to draw attention to the movement that’s been unfolding on social media these past two weeks, where countless women have been tagging their posts #metoo to indicate that they, too, have been victims of sexual abuse and harassment at some point in their lives. It’s

  • 093 – Los Pollos Hernanos

    Released: October 18th, 2017. Mixcloud link Why the hilarious Breaking Bad pun title, Dan? Well, you see, on Friday night I was at Ministry of Sound getting ecstatic before the great and only Hernan Cattaneo (some of my few listeners were there with me, w00t!). My face probably occasionally looked like the illustration for this mix.

  • 092 – Wrap’n’Roll

    Released: October 11th, 2017. Mixcloud link Did you finish listening to Erogeneous Zones (091) and find that you wanted to take it higher? Here’s some more energetic tunes to wrap it up. Download link for the full set here. (right click and Save As…)

  • 091 – Erogeneous Zones

    Released: October 4th, 2017. Mixcloud link A melodic, relaxed mix, not too intense but not too chilled either. Some really beautiful tracks in there. Enjoy! Download link for the full set here. (right click and Save As…)

  • 090 – Citrus Golem

    Released: September 27th, 2017. Mixcloud link Dark and housey at first, then builds up energy towards the progressive and techno end of the scale, up to a solid ravey peak. A mix designed to assist with an hour and a half or so of vigorous head-nodding, and take you down gently with a beautiful melodic track.

  • 089 – Let’s Play

    Released: September 13th, 2017. Mixcloud link Boom! A clubby set, an hour long on the dot (almost), starting off with more accessible deep house, building up energy through house and peaking on some kick-ass techno. Get moving! Download link for the full set here. (right click and Save As…)

  • 088 – All Of Everything

    Released: September 6th, 2017. Mixcloud link A journey from chillout all the way up to clubbing intensity. Get in and enjoy the ride 🙂 Download link for the full set here. (right click and Save As…)

  • 087 – Live at Summer House Weekend 18-08-2017

    Released: August 30th, 2017. Mixcloud link And this was the other set that I played at Summer House, in a “Silent Disco” style. It was good fun. The other DJ was playing more RnB types of tunes (the few times I listened), and this actually enabled a touching and awesome result which was that a couple

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