• 069 – Yest World

    Released: January 25th, 2o17. Mixcloud link This mix contains more older tracks than usual, because I scripted up a little app that lets me go through the vast collections of older tracks I have access to to select great tracks from there as well, so expect more awesome older tracks in the future, and perhaps a

  • 068 – Mechanical Fault

    Released: January 9th, 2o17. Mixcloud link Energy! This set is all about it. If you’re looking for some chilled tunes, this isn’t the right set. Featuring some big loud clubbing tunes, this set picks up energy over the first hour and stays right up there for most of the second. Of particular note as they are

  • 067 – Good Riddance

    Released: December 30th, 2016. Mixcloud link What do we say to 2016? You know it! This is, naturally, the last set of the year. 20 really awesome sounding tracks in there, including but not limited to Wildcard by Red Robin, a Nils Frahm remix, a fair number of excellent Peter Martin tracks, and a couple of

  • 066 – Shoot The Lights

    Released: December 23rd, 2016. Mixcloud link Are you tired of Christmas songs? Do you need some real light in your life – the kind of light that’s dark, rumbly, banging, bass-heavy, full of bizarre sounds echoing about? Ho ho ho, you’ve come to the right place. There are no Christmas songs here, just awesome tunes, almost

  • 065 – Teralicious

    Released: December 14th, 2016. Mixcloud link Mixed almost entirely by ear (i.e. without autosync, except for a couple of bits where I needed the help), this set features many awesome tracks. Of particular note to me are Stockwerk and Durchfahrt by Emorine, the Pete Zandia Remix of John D’s Infinity State, Gladheim by Th Moy, and

  • You Are Too Squishy

    Released: 12th February 2016. Soundcloud link. Original track. Banging, massive techno track. Rage in a sound box. Distortion. Blurring of sounds together. Download link for the mp3 here. (right click and Save As…) All tracks are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence. You may download, share, adapt, remix, use, etc, my tracks, for any purpose, even commercial. The

  • 064 – Overgirl

    Released: December 7th, 2016. Mixcloud link Welcome to another awesome set! Over two hours’ worth of absolutely epic tunes, beginning slow and building up first to a nice energetic high. Of particular note are the two remixes of The Little Girl Who Shines Through by MiraculuM, the three mixes of Overblow by Soulkeys, Surreal Nature by

  • 063 – Xi Sells Shea Sails

    Released: November 23rd, 2016. Mixcloud link A solid, long (2h09) set filled to the brim with great tracks! Starts of fairly chilled, as usual, but ends very much towards the techno/tech house end of the scale, going via our usual melodic progressive dark tracks. Some real awesome gems in there, in particular Buen Dia by Matias

  • 062 – One Night Dreams

    Released: November 16th, 2016. Mixcloud link Here are some absolutely excellent tracks to lift your mood no matter how you’re interpreting current world events. There are too many awesome tracks to name here, but I suspect BOg’s new Origins track is one you’ll be hearing elsewhere, and the Real Dreams track by Julian Rodriguez, as well

  • 061 – Descoped Spektrum

    Released: November 2nd, 2016. Mixcloud link A powerful jaunt through the latest and greatest Prog House tracks of the week. 12 most excellent offerings, including, of particular note, the Zan Prevee Remix of 12 Monkeys, the two remixes of Kay-D’s Scope Of Mind, the ominous and awesome I Am A Pig by Alex O’Rion, and the

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