• ☯ 007 – Lounge Mix

    Released: May 12th, 2015. Mixcloud link This is an example set of what I might play in the lounge area of a club, where people are supposed to chill out more. The set is at a low BPM, and starts off with some Breaks, and then goes into House, Prog House, Tech House and then

  • ☯ 006 – Club Mix

    Released: May 4th, 2015. Mixcloud link This mix starts fairly high in energy, goes higher, then stays high until it’s time to let the listener down gently. This is the sort of stuff I would play in a club if I want people to dance! It is intended as a demo for prospective club owners.

  • ☯ 005 – You know that, don’t you

    Released: April 23rd, 2015. Mixcloud link This set starts out melodic, and then, er, goes places. You know, like the cars in the picture associated with the set. Prog… Tech house… Some psychedelic rock. You know… places… Download link here. (right click and Save As…)

  • ☯ 004 – Slower but just as deep

    Released: April 17th, 2015. Mixcloud link I’ve re-mixed the tracks from 003, but this time giving them more time to breathe. They were such awesome tracks, they deserved it. Also changed the ending from breaks to melodic prog. Overall a very enjoyable, punchy set I would think. Some awesome choons in there. Listen for yourself

  • ☯ 003 – Fast and deep

    Released: April 15th, 2015. Mixcloud link My third set. I experimented with switching between tracks a little quicker than usual. This backfired, actually: I was so in a rush to find the next track and mix into it that I ran out of tracks that I wanted to add to the end of the mix!…

  • ☯ 002 – Happy hardcheese

    Released: April 15th, 2015. Mixcloud link This is my second set… Much more cheesy than the previous one. I appreciate that… But those are tracks I enjoy, oh well. There’s also a few not-so-cheesy tracks courtesy of James Holden and Sasha. But the overall feel is quite cheesy. I mean, wtf, it has a Britney

  • ☯ 001 – Danny breaks the 16-bit clouds

    Released: April 10th 2015. Mixcloud link My first 1-hour set. Enjoy! Perhaps a bit heavy on the Habersham, 16-bit Lolitas and Danny Howells, but I guess the blame lies with them for producing these awesome tracks. Download link here. (right click and Save As…)