122 – Live At Midsummer Night’s Tea Party 3 2018-06-23

Released: June 27th, 2018. Mixcloud link

OMG, what a beautiful bunch of people. This was played over one beautiful sunny afternoon at Midsummer Night’s Tea Party, a small festival in England. People loved it and were outspoken about it: many thanks to all those who came to tell me they were really enjoying the music or asked about the track that was currently playing – full track listing is in this upload of course! And those who told me afterwards too 🙂 It was so lovely to play in such a relaxed way, too. I’m fast coming to the conclusion that I prefer this kind of relaxed afternoon/evening set where I have a few hours to build up the energy, to picking up the “peak of the night” mix, which just feels a lot more pressured.

If you weren’t there, this is 3 solid hours of awesome melodic tunes building up nice and slow to a peak and then bringing you back down gently. All of them are new tunes I haven’t played before (except the very last one).

Download link for the full set here. (right click and Save As…)

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