069 – Yest World

Released: January 25th, 2o17. Mixcloud link

This mix contains more older tracks than usual, because I scripted up a little app that lets me go through the vast collections of older tracks I have access to to select great tracks from there as well, so expect more awesome older tracks in the future, and perhaps a bit more variety. It also took a bit longer than usual to release, because of various mac woes that you can find detailed on http://danieltenner.com .

Anyhoo, this set is epic. Starts of chilled and quite melodic, with excellent tracks like Liebesklärung by Acud and Lakewood Drive by John Tejada, and continues to hit melodic highs with Temptations in the Desert by Missus, the Philip James de Vries remix of Wade Bennett’s Varial, and the George Fil remix of Luxus by Alejandro Manso. Other epic tracks are less melodic – Dead Sea by Black Sand is huge and ominous, but not as banging as Drumcell’s Departing Comfort. The new Brigado Crew Remix of Oxia’s Domino is also amazing.

Download link for the full set here. (right click and Save As…)

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