Breathe (4 Mixes)

Released: 23rd November 2015. Soundcloud link.

Original track. I borrowed the chords from an old french track and went nuts with the synths. I peg this as halfway between clubbing music and church music…

I made this track in November 2015. The four mixes are for different circumstances. The original mix is the “Extended” one – 15 minutes long. I enjoy it but I realised not everyone will enjoy the melodies developing so slowly, so I made the “I Ain’t Got All Day” mix to cut that length in half (nearly). The Synthapella mixes are slower and with the beat removed. The “Mixable Synthapella” just adds a flat pad build-up at the beginning and end to make it easier to mix into other tracks. Hope you like this!

Here are the mp3s:

Extended Mix

I Ain’t Got All Day Mix

I Ain’t Got All Day Synthapella Mix

I Ain’t Got All Day Mixable Synthapella Mix


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