Taylor Swift – Shake It Off (Dan Tenner Progressive Zombie Remix v2)

Note: This is not on my soundcloud, because they are tossers who take down remixes. I am adding it to my site for completeness.

Released: 13th September 2015.

Taylor Swift like you’ve never heard her before! Warning: heavy, rave clubbing track!

Download link for the mp3 here. (right click and Save As…)

All my tracks are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence. You may download, share, adapt, remix, use, etc, my tracks, for any purpose, even commercial. The only restriction is that I request appropriate credit if you do use my tracks. However: this is an unauthorised (aka “bootleg”) remix. I am not sure what that means in terms of your ability to use this track for commercial or other purposes. Taylor Swift has not contacted me about this track and I have not sought authorisation for using the samples. In other words, the legal/licensing status of this track is pretty much up in the air. If obtaining proper rights matters to you, probably best to stay away from this one.

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